A Web Approach To Facilitate Patient Compliance

4myheart is our personalized and proprietary CVD management service comprised of a web-based treatment plan and patient compliance system for physicians and patients.

Key features of the system for physicians include:

  • Electronic test results available after laboratory approval and release
  • Nutrition and exercise recommendations tailored to each patient
  • Physician-directed to ensure total control over patient access
  • Repository of data for outcome analysis
  • Simple navigation
  • No-cost "turnkey" solution
  • Secure access is through a web based browser

Key features of the system for patients include:

  • A long-term record of their cardiovascular health that they maintain with 4mheart, even if they change providers
  • Tests results trended over time to track progress to goals
  • A personalized nutrition approach with a healthy food system, sample menu plans, recipes, and logging functionality
  • A personalized exercise regimen including a unique exercise-as-steps program with pedometers and logging functionality
  • Drug therapy, including information about prescribed medicines and how they should be taken
  • Educational material and products.

The system is secure, password-protected, and compliant with HIPAA.