The Berkeley Approach is to provide world-class diagnostic services paired with patient education services (4myheart Program). Our approach leads to:

Comprehensive Personalized Treatment
Our proprietary test offering determines risk characteristics with precision and accuracy. Based on this analysis, a physician is able to create treatment plans that are personalized to each patient.

CVD Patient Monitoring Over Time
Our product offering precisely measures fine increments in lipoprotein concentration shift with statistical certainty. The precision we offer allows for the monitoring of changes in a patientís risk over time a physician has the insight to adjust a treatment plan which typically includes medication, nutrition, and exercise.

Enable Physician Adoption of Disease Management
Our disease management program connects a clinical educator to a patient to educate the patient about their test results and physicianís treatment plan. The focus is on educating the patient about how their doctor's treatment plan will reduce their risk of CVD as monitored by the Berkeley Heartlab test results.

We employ a proprietary approach using personalization, reminder systems, and community to drive the education program. The focus is on enabling better nutrition, appropriate exercise, stress management, and adherence to a physician's prescriptions.

Our approach is grounded in research that demonstrates what drives better compliance, and patients in the 4myheart program better adhere to their physicianís treatment plan. We believe the entire approach enables better clinical outcomes.