At Celera, we believe that modern diagnostic methods should be used to identify inherent risk for disease, to characterize and understand the biological basis for the disease risk and to select among treatment options and then monitor the effectiveness of treatment. Armed with this vital information, we can make choices that may delay or prevent disease development.

This approach of personalizing disease management can improve the length and quality of life, while reducing the cost of managing our health.

Celera develops and commercializes diagnostic tests that identify disease risk and help physicians and patients manage disease development. Our Products business develops and manufactures molecular diagnostic products that are used to detect, characterize, monitor and select treatment for disease, while our Services business, Berkeley HeartLab, Inc. (BHL), offers many diagnostic tests to identify and characterize risk for cardiovascular disease and help physicians recommend treatment. Our 4myheart centers are staffed with medical professionals who use results from testing at BHL to work with patients, under their physician’s direction, to develop customized regimens for exercise, nutrition, stress management and therapy compliance.