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Celera Genomics and Applied Biosystems Groups Select EMC for Automated Networked Storage
Applera Businesses Name EMC Preferred Storage Provider for Dynamic Computing Environment Supporting Drug Discovery, Online Applications

Rockville, MD, Foster City, CA, and Hopkinton, MA - September 26, 2002

Celera Genomics Group (NYSE: CRA) and Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE: ABI), Applera Corporation businesses, and EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that Applera is upgrading its computational IT infrastructure supporting Celera’s drug discovery and development efforts and the Knowledge Business of Applied Biosystems by replacing its present storage systems with a new EMC global automated networked storage infrastructure.

To address the challenge of managing an information infrastructure that will support thousands of users, the Applera businesses purchased 150 terabytes of EMC Symmetrix networked storage, EMC Celerra File Servers and EMC Global Services. Celera Genomics and Applied Biosystems also will implement EMC open software solutions, such as PowerPath and the EMC ControlCenter family of products including EMC SAN Manager and Symmetrix Optimizer, as well as EMC TimeFinder, to further improve data management and availability. EMC automated networked storage is expected to assist Celera Genomics in drug discovery and development through more efficient, reliable and seamless management of a rapidly growing information infrastructure.

“We are overhauling our information infrastructure to increase flexibility and to support Celera’s drug discovery efforts and Applied Biosystems’ online service and product offerings,” said Tama Olver, Applera’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “EMC’s high-performance networked storage and advanced software emerged as a solution for supporting our next phase of research by making information sharing more open, efficient and reliable. Consolidating our high-performance computing environment onto EMC storage and implementing open software from EMC’s AutoIS strategy should make managing our complex, growing environment more simple, automated and cost efficient.”

Mark Lewis, EMC’s Executive Vice President of New Ventures and Chief Technology Officer, said, “Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics are using their biotech tools, online databases and scientific capabilities to work towards improving the way people are treated for life-threatening diseases and the understanding of biology. Behind every successful drug discovery is scientific collaboration through information sharing – where EMC has applied 100% dedication. EMC is drawing on its expertise in SAN, NAS, open software and services to ensure that the life sciences industry achieves optimal access to and management of its critical information assets.”

Celera Genomics and Applied Biosystems are implementing a global EMC storage area network (SAN), which will centralize the management of data for hundreds of applications including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry and databases from Oracle running in a high-performance Unix computing environment. The EMC network attached storage (NAS) solution – based on EMC Celerra File Servers – will manage the companies’ Windows 2000 and Windows NT-based file sharing and home directories.

EMC Global Services consultants are working with Celera Genomics and Applied Biosystems to migrate data stored on existing systems to EMC Symmetrix networked storage systems and EMC Celerra File Servers. The EMC consultants will provide design, implementation and on-site support of the EMC SAN and NAS environments in Rockville, Maryland.

About EMC
EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing the information infrastructure for a connected world. Information about EMC’s products and services can be found at

About EMC Life Sciences
EMC is a leading provider of automated network storage solutions to the life sciences industry. For more than a decade, EMC has worked with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as government and academic organizations. EMC storage solutions help life sciences companies manage, share and protect the enormous amount of information resulting from the mapping of the human genome.

About Celera Genomics, Applied Biosystems and Applera Corporation
Applera Corporation comprises two operating groups. The Celera Genomics Group, located in Rockville, MD, and South San Francisco, CA, is engaged principally in integrating advanced technologies to discover and develop new therapeutics. Celera intends to leverage its proteomics, bioinformatics, and genomics capabilities to identify and validate drug targets and diagnostic marker candidates, and to discover and develop novel therapeutic candidates. Its Celera Discovery SystemTM online platform, marketed exclusively through the Knowledge Business of Applied Biosystems, is an integrated source of information based on the human genome and other biological and medical sources. The Applied Biosystems Group develops and markets instrument-based systems, reagents, software, and contract services to the life science industry and research community. Applied Biosystems is headquartered in Foster City, CA, and reported sales of $1.6 billion during fiscal 2002. Celera Diagnostics, a 50/50 joint venture between Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics, is focused on discovery, development, and commercialization of novel diagnostic products. Information about Applera Corporation, including reports and other information filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is available at, or by telephoning 800.762.6923.

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